Assault Charges

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Skilled Defense For Assault And Battery Allegations

Are you facing exaggerated criminal charges because of a minor altercation? Are you facing jail or prison even if the other party initiated the attack or was not seriously hurt? Whatever the circumstances, the severe consequences demand strong legal representation.
The Law Offices of Harris & Literski provides experienced criminal defense for misdemeanor and felony assault charges. In Livingston County and southeast Michigan, our attorneys have helped clients defeat unfounded charges or minimize the punishment. Contact us immediately to intervene in your case.

Assault And Battery · Aggravated Assault

Our criminal defense lawyers have handled assault charges arising from bar fights, school fights, domestic violence, road rage incidents and other circumstances. We offer a thorough and aggressive approach to the specific charges, including:
Confrontations are quickly escalated by alcohol or adrenaline, leading to poor decisions or unintended results. Sometimes, police arrest the wrong party or both parties. Prosecutors commonly overcharge these cases, creating the real possibility of prison time and a felony record.
We thoroughly examine the facts, with the goal of dismissing the case, downgrading the charges, excluding evidence or negotiating lesser penalties. Our attorneys can skillfully argue self-defense, provocation and other defenses or challenge the statements of the victim and witnesses to cast doubt on the charges. We are prepared to defend you at trial if necessary to avoid the lifelong consequences of a conviction.

Take Charge Of Your Defense

We will make sure that your side of the story is told and do everything possible to spare you from the most severe punishment. In many cases, we can negotiate alternatives such as anger management counseling, probation or community service in lieu of jail and the black mark of an assault conviction.
Contact us today for a free consultation with our Brighton assault charge attorneys. We welcome clients from Howell, Ann Arbor and throughout the area.