Child Abuse And Neglect

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Charges of child abuse and neglect are serious. In some cases, a conviction can lead to loss of custody, termination of parental rights, sex offender registration or jail time. While some abuse and neglect charges stem from divorce and child custody matters, other charges are filed against individuals who are not parents or family members. In Michigan, the Children’s Protective Services (CPS) program is obligated to investigate cases involving potential harm to the health and welfare of children, regardless of whether the underlying reports or allegations are based on facts.
If you have been accused of abusing or neglecting your child or another child, the advice and representation of an experienced defense lawyer can help you understand your legal rights. When necessary, a lawyer can defend you against criminal prosecution

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At the Law Offices of Harris & Literski, we have more than 30 years of defense experience in Livingston County and elsewhere in Michigan. Our lawyers have dealt with many cases related to child abuse and neglect, including matters involving:
Our attorneys know exactly how local courts and state agencies handle child abuse and neglect matters. We can explore all possible defense options and represent you aggressively in court when necessary.

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