Child Pornography Charges

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Child Pornography And Online Charges

Allegations of child pornography and related offenses carry with them a stigma like that of almost no other crime. Criminal sentencing is harsh, and public opinion is unforgiving.

If you are facing child pornography charges, it is critical that you work with the best legal representation you can find – an attorney equipped with experience, understanding of these charges and the negotiating power to fight the charges and achieve the best possible outcome.

You Can Fight Child Pornography Charges And Allegations — Trust Our Experienced Representation

At the Law Offices of Harris & Literski, our attorneys are acclaimed criminal defense lawyers with the background of experience and success that you need on your side. Our team will aggressively fight the serious criminal charges you face with innovative defense strategies.
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We will immediately begin investigating the charges. We will work with forensic and software experts to understand where the material came from and how it ended up on your computer. In many cases, child pornography is bundled into other content downloaded to the local computer or accessed online. We will trace the origins of the content and determine if other parties are responsible.
Out attorneys will leverage this information to work with prosecutors and negotiate the best possible outcome in your case. If a favorable deal is not available, our experienced litigators are prepared to defend your case in court before a judge, fighting for acquittal.
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