Criminal Sexual Conduct

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Sex Offenses Involving Minors Or Children

The mere allegation of child molestation or having sex with a minor is devastating. Prosecutors push for prison time and sex offender status. People are branded as “perverts” or “predators” before they are even formally charged or convicted.
An arrest for criminal sexual conduct threatens your freedoms, your future and your reputation. Drawing on 30 years of experience, the Brighton criminal defense attorneys of the Law Offices of Harris & Literski respond proactively to protect your rights and prevent the worst consequences.

Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges And Consequences

Criminal sexual conduct (CSC) may be charged in a variety of circumstances, including:
  • Sex acts or sexual contact with young children
  • Sexual contact with a mentally or physically incapacitated person
  • Statutory rape (sex with a person under age 16)
  • Sexual assault, including date rape or marital rape
The charges and potential penalties depend on the nature of the act, the age or incapacity of the victim, the use of force or threat, and other circumstances. The potential punishment ranges from two years in prison for fourth-degree CSC to life in prison for first-degree CSC. A conviction for criminal sexual conduct automatically triggers sex offender registration. The designation is published on a state website, and neighbors may be notified of your status. Sex offender registry also regulates employment, housing, relocation and other facets of your life.

Damage Control And Defense For CSC Allegations

In most cases, the person is not arrested immediately when the allegation is made. After a parent, teacher, social worker or other mandated reporter contacts the police department, special investigators conduct a forensic interview with the alleged victim. Based upon that report, the suspect may be questioned or arrested.
It is critical to talk to a lawyer early in the process, before cooperating with the investigation. Any statement you give — even if it is meant to clear your name — can be turned against you. If we cannot intervene to prevent an arrest or dismiss unfounded charges, we work very hard to negotiate a plea to a lesser offense (such as assault, battery or disorderly conduct) that will not land you on the sex offender registry.
If the prosecuting attorney will not negotiate, we are prepared to fight the allegations at trial. We pay special attention to the police report and forensic interview for opportunities to cast doubt on the accusations. Our lawyers know how to vigorously defend you in these highly sensitive situations.

We Understand That Your Future Is On The Line

The threat of prison and being labeled a sex offender is truly frightening, but you are not convicted of anything at this point. If you are under suspicion of criminal sexual conduct or if you have already been arrested, we will immediately put our decades of practical knowledge to work for you to avoid that worst-case scenario.
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