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Allegations Of Employee Theft And Fraud

A conviction for embezzling from an employer is a double-edged sword — criminal sanctions and potentially career-ending consequences. In addition to jail or prison, you could lose your professional license or be effectively blackballed from jobs involving financial accounts.
Experienced legal counsel may spare you from the worst consequences of embezzlement charges. The criminal defense lawyers of the Law Offices of Harris & Literski have been defending clients against white collar crime cases for more than 30 years. We practice in the courts of Livingston County and surrounding jurisdictions of Michigan.

Embezzlement Defense In Brighton, Michigan

Allegations of embezzlement may arise when money is unaccounted for, when an audit reveals bookkeeping discrepancies, or when a client or co-worker raises questions about the misuse of funds. There may be an internal investigation, a police investigation or both, resulting in uncomfortable questions. Your best option is to contact an attorney before an arrest or formal indictment. However, we can come to your aid at any stage to try to clear your name or mitigate the damage.
Our attorneys have handled all types of embezzlement allegations:

Mitigating The Damage From Accusations Of Theft

If the case is prosecuted, we will do everything we can to avoid incarceration, a felony conviction, loss of professional licensure or other consequences that would adversely alter your public reputation and future employment opportunities
We are confident that our intervention can influence the outcome of embezzlement charges. Contact us today for a free consultation with our Brighton defense attorneys.