Juvenile Offenses

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Howell Juvenile Defense Lawyers With Extensive Experience

If your teenager has been charged with a juvenile offense, you probably have numerous questions. You may be unsure about how to address the immediate legal challenges, and you may be concerned about how the charges will affect your teen’s future if they result in a conviction. We can help you answer these questions and assist you in resolving the matter as quickly as possible.
At the , our experienced defense attorneys know exactly how to handle juvenile cases in Livingston County and other Michigan counties — cases involving criminal charges against minors — and reach the most favorable outcomes for our clients. Lawyers from our firm have been representing minors and their families in juvenile court for decades, with extensive experience defending against charges of:

Assault And Battery · Aggravated Assault

  • Drug offenses: Our attorneys can represent minors charged with possession, delivery or distribution related to marijuana, prescription drugs, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin or other drugs.
  • Minor in possession (MIP): Underage drinking charges are common, and our lawyers can help you address them.
  • Retail fraud: We represent minors who have been accused of shoplifting and theft crimes of all kinds.
  • Domestic violence: Our firm provides defense against charges related to domestic disputes or altercations.
  • DUI: Underage drivers who are charged with DUI face the loss of their license and other penalties. We defend drivers against these charges.
  • Assault: Our lawyers can help you deal with assault and battery charges related to a fight or another event.
  • Sex offenses, including sexual assault and other sex crimes charges against minors
  • Weapons charges involving firearms and other weapons
Based on your particular circumstances, we will develop a defense strategy with the greatest chance of success. Our objective will always be to minimize a juvenile defendant’s exposure and reduce the consequences. When possible, we will seek to have charges dismissed or reduced.

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