Sex Crimes

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Have You Been Charged With A Sex Crime?

If you have been charged with a sex crime in Michigan, you may be facing serious penalties that can include jail time, fines and long-term registration as a sex offender, as well as damage to your career and relationships. To assess the charges, control the damage and fight the accusations appropriately, it is extremely important to speak with a defense attorney as soon as possible.
At the Law Offices of Harris & Literski, we have been defending clients against sex crimes charges in Livingston County for more than 30 years. Our extensive experience enables us to understand exactly how the prosecution handles these matters and how we can best protect our clients’ rights. Our lawyers can represent you strategically in any sex-related criminal charge, including:


  • Internet sex offenses, including child pornography charges: Our attorneys can defend you in any case involving child pornography or another internet sex offense. In many of these cases, evidence comes from computer hardware, and an effective defense requires a strong knowledge of related technologies.
  • Criminal sexual conduct: Sometimes referred to as statutory rape, this charge involves sex with an underage person.
  • Sexual assault: Charges of sexual assault involve various types of illegal sexual behavior.
  • Solicitation of minors: Individuals are often charged with solicitation of minors (a crime of intent) that is alleged to have occurred through chatting on social media such as Facebook. In some situations, law enforcement officers may pose as children or teenagers, while in others, minors pretend to be older than they are. Defense strategies may include challenging entrapment that has occurred in a sting operation.
  • Sex with minors: In Michigan, having sex with anyone 15 or under is a criminal offense.
  • Indecent exposure: This charge can be brought for various offenses alleged to have occurred in public places.
Depending on your situation, we can help you aggressively fight the charges, work to reduce the charges or negotiate a settlement with the prosecution. In every case, we will work to make sure that you are treated fairly and that your exposure to penalties is minimized.

Sex Offenses

Brighton Sex Crime Defense Attorneys Who Can Assist You

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