Probate Administration

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Estate administration refers to the legal probate process that occurs after a person dies. During probate, a personal representative or surviving family member is appointed to gather all the decedent’s assets, pay lingering debts and taxes, then distribute the remaining assets to the designated beneficiaries.
At the Law Offices of Harris & Literski, we have extensive experience assisting clients throughout southeast Michigan involved in all types of estate administration matters, including complex probate court litigation. We understand how difficult and overwhelming this time can be, and we are here to advocate for you in whatever capacity you need.

What Are The Duties Of An Executor?

As an executor or personal representative of a person’s estate, you have many important responsibilities that require meticulous preparation and execution. Some of your duties may include:
  • Gathering and appraising all estate assets
  • Collecting any outstanding debts owed to the estate
  • Paying debts owed from the estate
  • Filing and paying taxes on the estate
  • Distributing remaining assets to designated beneficiaries
Being a personal representative or executor means always acting in the best interests of the estate. Mismanaging the estate or breaching your fiduciary duty could result in serious consequences. To ensure that you understand all of your obligations as an executor or personal representative, seek the guidance of a knowledgeable Michigan estate and probate attorney who will be there to help you during all stages of the probate process.
When estate disputes arise, we strive to find resolution through negotiations, whenever possible. If an issue cannot be settled out of court, we are prepared to advocate for your interests at trial.

Find Relief During Probate

Intense pressure can come with managing a person’s estate, and you do not have to do it alone. Schedule a free confidential consultation at the Law Offices of Harris & Literski to meet with an experienced Michigan estate lawyer today.
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