Child Custody

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Child custody and parenting time are typically among the most emotional and contentious legal issues in any divorce or family law matter. Even when spouses have worked out an amicable agreement on all other issues, negotiated settlements often hit snags when it comes to parenting time and the division of legal and physical custody.

Working To Protect The Best Interests Of The Child

There is a full range of factors the courts must take into account when deciding on a child custody issue. No matter how strongly a parent feels about parenting rights, it is important to remember that judges and child welfare authorities will always work to determine what is in the best interests of the child and to build a parenting plan that reflects that determination.
If custody and parenting time will be an important factor in your pending divorce or if you are facing a stand-alone dispute about parenting time, child support or custody, talk to an attorney at the Law Offices of Harris & Literski in Brighton. We have been helping our clients through complex custody and visitation issues since 1985. We understand the underlying issues, and we work vigorously to resolve those issues without costly and emotional litigation.

Custody Modifications

There are circumstances in which a custodial parent can no longer provide for the welfare and upbringing of the child. The court provides options for modifying original custodial and parenting arrangements. The process is complex and requires extensive, clear evidence in support of a change in custody or termination of parental rights. If you are considering petitioning the court for a modification to custody or parenting time, talk to us.

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