Creating A Co-Parenting Plan

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Helping You Create A Successful Co-Parenting Plan

Divorce has a lasting effect on children even when the family breakup is amicable. Most children have a hard time transitioning to the next stage their life without structure or a detailed plan in place.
At the Law Offices of Harris & Literski, we help Brighton parents develop co-parenting plans that encourage their children to adjust to their new normal and give them the support they need. Our family law attorneys remain current with Michigan’s custody and visitation laws. We use this knowledge to design agreements that promote your child’s best interests now and in the future.

What Factors Should You Consider When Writing Your Plan?

As a concerned parent, you may feel overwhelmed as you try to create a plan that addresses your child’s needs and addresses problem points. You do not have to face this task alone.

Our lawyers will work with you to identify solutions that protect your parenting rights and your child’s well-being. We will advise you on your best options regarding key areas that include:

  • Custody and visitation schedules
  • Vacations, holidays and special events
  • Decision-making responsibilities regarding education, health care, religious affiliation and other significant matters
  • Child discipline
We understand that it can be difficult to find common ground with your soon-to-be-ex, but it is critical that you set your differences aside to find acceptable solutions for your children. You can rely on us to provide practical and compassionate counsel when you are struggling with difficult family law decisions. It’s important to have a skilled ally by your side as you draft and revise this important agreement.

We Are Ready To Help At Any Stage In The Process


Whether you are struggling to understand Michigan’s custody laws or have already reached a tentative agreement with your child’s parent, we are equipped to help you. Our attorneys regularly review co-parenting plans before they are finalized to help divorcing parents save money on legal fees. We also draft, negotiate and modify co-parenting agreements

Get more information about your legal options during your free consultation. You can connect with one of our attorneys online via our contact form or over the phone.