Types Of Custody

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Child custody can be a complicated issue in divorce and other challenging situations involving parents and children. If you have questions and concerns about what type of custody you should have, seek the help of an experienced attorney who fully understands how Michigan family law works.
At the Law Offices of Harris & Literski, we can help you solve any type of child custody problem and work to make sure you are treated fairly with respect to court orders involving custody and parenting time. Our attorneys have been practicing family law since 1985, negotiating and litigating child custody matters on behalf of our clients.

What Kind Of Custody Am I Entitled To?

Child custody arrangements are ordered by a court based on several factors, with the primary driver being the judge’s opinion as to the best interests of the child or children. Every situation is different, but in all cases, the two types of child custody in question are legal custody and physical custody:
  • Legal custody: Having legal custody of your child means that you have the right to make decisions about your child’s life, including his or her education, religious upbringing and medical care. Legal custody is often awarded to both parents
    jointly (shared by the parents), but it can also be awarded as sole (given to one parent).
  • Physical custody: Physical custody has to do with where a child lives. Like legal custody, physical custody can be awarded as sole or shared. Even when it is shared (when a child spends nights at both parents’ homes each week, for example), a judge may award primary residence to one parent, meaning that the child’s main residence is with that parent.
Our attorneys will assist you in reaching the most equitable custody and visitation arrangements possible. If your current custody, support or parenting-time arrangements must be adjusted because of a change in your employment, financial or living situation, we can represent you in court to request a modification of existing orders.

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