Gifts, Inheritance and Premarital Property

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Brighton Property Division Attorneys, Forging Equitable Arrangements

For some people, one of the most difficult aspects of divorce is the division of assets. If you are concerned about how the division of property will affect your life, working with a knowledgeable family law attorney can help you protect the assets to which you are entitled.
Under Michigan law, property falls into two basic categories: marital property and separate property. In some cases, the difference between the two is clear, while in other cases, certain assets end up being disputed and parties may need robust legal representation to resolve the issue.
At the Law Offices of Harris & Literski, our attorneys are skilled at helping our clients protect gifts, inheritances and premarital property that are rightfully theirs. We can help you answer important questions like:

Seeking Fair Treatment In The Division Of Assets

As family law attorneys with extensive experience in property division, we can proactively represent you in addressing important assets like:

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Our firm’s family law attorneys can answer your questions about Michigan equitable distribution law and make sure you are treated fairly in the division of assets.
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