3 Things To Know About Uncontested Divorce

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Considering Uncontested Divorce? Remember These Points.

Although you may realize that it is time to end your marriage, engaging in divorce is stressful and can be time-consuming. An uncontested divorce may be an efficient way to dissolve your marriage bond if you and your estranged spouse can find common ground on important matters, such as property division, custody and financial support agreements.

Meeting with a qualified attorney can help you understand your options before you take this step. Our legal team at Law Offices of Harris & Literski is here to give you the honest advice that you deserve, so you can feel confident about the decisions you make. For over three decades, we have provided high-quality counsel to individuals and families throughout southeast Michigan.

Three Things To Know About This Process

An uncontested divorce helps you minimize the time and expense of a contested divorce; however, it is important to keep these points in mind before you pursue a simple divorce.

1. Deadlines and paperwork matter
Submitting incomplete documents or missing deadlines can delay the divorce process. Our attorneys can assist you with this process. We know which forms need to be filed and where to file them.

If you are serving your spouse with divorce papers, we will help you determine the best method for sending this petition. You will need to provide proof that you sent this petition to move on in the divorce process.
2. Understanding your rights and the law can help you protect your best interests It is critical to understand what your rights are when you are negotiating the terms of your divorce agreement. Michigan laws spell out parenting rights, establish financial support calculations, and identify which property and assets can be divided in divorce. If you don’t know how these laws apply to your situation, you could inadvertently agree to unfavorable terms.
Our lawyers have an expansive understanding of these laws and guidelines. With our counsel, you can be certain that you are negotiating for fair terms. We are committed to protecting your best interests.

3. Representing yourself to save money may cost you in the long run
After the family court judge finalizes your divorce, you are required to abide by these terms. If you need to modify the terms of a custody order or a financial support order, you will need to ask the court to modify this order, which can be a complex task.

Our lawyers take the long view when we advise our clients of their options. We will educate you on the impact your decisions may have on your future so that you can make sound choices.

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