How To Have A Simple Divorce

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How To Have A Simple Divorce

Sometimes relationships just do not work out. While both spouses went into the marriage with the highest hopes for a forever union, people change and grow apart.
The good news is that divorce does not always need to be a bitter legal battle. Rather, you can take the path of a simple divorce. At the Law Offices of Harris & Literski, we provide guidance to people who are going through a simple, uncontested divorce.

Keep The Right Mindset

A simple divorce does not mean it’s worry-free, or even easy. Going through a divorce is still an emotionally draining process, even if you and your spouse get along well enough to come up with your own agreements
When going through a simple divorce, keep an open mind as you work through issues. Also know that you can always change course. If it becomes clear that you and your spouse just have too many issues to work through and cannot see eye to eye, you can decide to follow the more traditional divorce path and hire an attorney.

Follow The Simple Divorce Process

To get a divorce in Michigan, you need to follow a specific process. This means filling out the proper paperwork, serving your spouse with the formal complaint and coming to the terms of your divorce together. In most cases, the person who initiates the filing will also need to go to court for a judge to finalize the divorce.
For many people, the divorce process can feel overwhelming. Know that you can talk with an attorney to have your questions answered, without having to go through a legal battle. Rather, an attorney can provide just the right level of guidance that you need as you navigate this process.

Questions About Your Simple Divorce? We Can Help.

Along the way, you may run into legal obstacles. Never guess at the answers. Instead, you can call our law firm at 810-229-9340 to talk with one of our attorneys to make sure you are filling out the paperwork properly and coming up with agreements that will work for you now and in the future. You can also contact us online.