Personal Protection Orders

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Understanding Personal Protection Orders

The Michigan courts take domestic violence seriously and will readily grant personal protection orders (PPOs) to keep people safe from abuse, threats and harassment. But protection orders can be used as a sword as well as a shield, to cast a spouse or co-parent in a bad light amidst family court proceedings.
The Law Offices of Harris & Literski has extensive experience with personal protection orders in Brighton and Livingston County. We help clients obtain and extend PPOs in domestic abuse or stalking situations. We also represent clients who are contesting domestic battery charges and the resulting protection orders. Our lawyers practice in both family court and criminal court.

Domestic Violence Protection Order/Restraining Order

A personal protection order (also known as a PPO, restraining order or protective order) is a court injunction that prevents contact with the victim or orders the subject to refrain from certain activities. A PPO may be issued for actual physical violence or sexual violence, for threats, or for stalking or harassing behavior that creates fear. The PPO may be directed at a spouse or partner, an ex-spouse or dating partner, a family member or roommate, or a co-worker or acquaintance. Sometimes, the order is directed at an estranged or ex-husband who is stalking or harassing the new boyfriend. A PPO can also be obtained on behalf of children who are in danger of abuse or kidnapping by a parent
There are two ways to obtain a personal protection order:
  • The person applies for a PPO at the courthouse. The judge can grant it, deny it or order a hearing to listen to both sides.
  • A judge can issue a temporary restraining order in emergency situations, removing the party from the home and preventing any contact. The subject has 14 days to request a hearing.
Our family and domestic law attorneys commonly file for protection orders on behalf of divorce clients when there has been domestic violence, to make a clean break and prevent dangerous confrontations. We are also hired after a PPO hearing has been set, to contest a bogus or overly restrictive order or to make sure that a temporary restraining order remains in effect against a person who still poses a threat.

On Either Side Of The Issue, You Need To Protect Yourself

Violating a PPO is a serious criminal offense that can also influence the outcome of divorce and custody rulings. Whether you are seeking protection or fighting an order, clear advice and strong legal representation are critical.
The Brighton personal protection order attorneys of Harris & Literski welcome inquiries from Howell, Ann Arbor and surrounding communities. Contact us for a free initial consultation.