Prenuptial Agreements

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What’s Yours Is Yours, What’s Mine Is Mine

The concept of a prenuptial agreement is straightforward and fair. Wealth accumulated as a married couple would be equitably divided in a divorce, while assets you owned before marriage would be retained as your separate property.
An actual prenuptial agreement, of course, is more complex than that. It should be drafted or reviewed by an experienced divorce lawyer who can anticipate disputes and identify ambiguities.
The Brighton Law Offices of Harris & Literski has provided solutions in domestic law since 1985, including creation of premarital (and postmarital) agreements. Arrange a consultation today to discuss strategies for protecting your assets.

Declaring Separate Property Through Premarital Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are not meant as a punishment or deterrent to divorce. The purpose is to preserve the status quo of the couple’s separate assets at the beginning of the marriage. This clarifies property division, alimony and other facets of divorce that might otherwise be litigated.
We draft prenups for a range of clients such as:
From our practice in high-asset divorce, we know how to negotiate and navigate complex issues such as debts, title to assets and commingling of separate property.

Personalized, Detailed And Comprehensive Prenuptials

Our attorneys take pains to ensure that your prenuptial agreement complies with Michigan law and will be honored and upheld in the unfortunate event that your marriage is dissolved. We are sometimes hired to litigate premarital/postmarital agreements, either to defend the document from being set aside or to break a prenup entered under fraud or duress.
Those insights from litigation enable us to draft stronger, clearer premarital agreements on the front end to minimize legal conflicts later. Contact us for a free initial consultation with a Brighton prenuptial agreement attorney.