Is it time for you and your partner to go to couples therapy?

Every marriage is different and every partner is different. While divorce may be the eventual endpoint of your marriage, you may be considering going to couples therapy to see if you can work through your issues.

Here are seven common reasons it may be time for you two to seek outside help:

1. You Have Grown Apart

After many years of marriage, couples sometimes end up in a “roommate” situation rather than a relationship. This results in many divorces, which that couples could avoid with therapy.

2. You Clash About Money

Money is a common issue for couples, especially those newlywed or in the later stages of life. Some money issues that can arise are budgeting, health problems, and retirement.

3. Someone Was Unfaithful

One of the most common reasons for divorce is infidelity. It can not only hurt the spouse who was cheated on, but can also cause irreparable trust issues. But, before calling it quits on your marriage, consider attending couples therapy.

4. You Two Have Lots of Unnecessary, Hurtful Arguments

Unnecessary arguments can hurt more than you think, especially if hurtful words are involved. They can cut deeper than you realize and cause long-term damage that cannot be fixed unless it is brought up and dealt with.

5. You Are Going Through a Large Transition

A big change in life can have a significant effect on your relationship with your spouse. An example of a substantial change would be an illness, retirement, children moving out, or being laid off from your job.

6. Your Love Life Is Lacking

A study published by the Journal of Sex & Martial Therapy comprising of 2,371 recently divorced people found that 47% of study participants divorced due to a lack of love or intimacy.

7. You Want to Avoid Divorce or Want It to Be Amicable

Couples therapy can help tremendously if you and your spouse have thought about divorce but do not want it to happen. In the event you do get divorced, your experience in therapy may help you keep the process more amicable.