Dog Bites

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Holding Pet Owners Responsible In Livingston County

If you were bitten by a dog or injured when a dog chased you, the animal’s owner is strictly liable under Michigan law. Yet you may need an attorney’s help to be compensated fairly for the harm you have suffered.
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Strict Liability For Dog Bites In Michigan

Strict liability means that a pet owner is automatically liable if his or her dog attacks someone. You do not have to prove that the owner was negligent or that the dog had bitten others or shown a “vicious propensity.” A one-time bite from an otherwise friendly dog is still grounds for a claim. Whether the dog is on or off a leash, the owner is responsible for what it does.
Under certain circumstances, landlords can also be liable for allowing tenants to harbor vicious dogs (or other dangerous animals).

The Value Of Legal Counsel For A Dog Bite Claim

The only defenses to a dog bite claim are provocation and trespassing. If necessary, we will argue that you had a legitimate reason to be on the owner’s property and did nothing to provoke the animal.
More typically, our role is to convince the owner of a legal obligation to pay damages or to negotiate with the homeowner’s insurance company on your behalf to maximize your compensation. You may be entitled to damages for:
  • Medical treatment of bite wounds
  • Other injuries from being chased or attacked
  • Lost time from work
  • Scarring or nerve damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
Children are especially vulnerable to dog bites because of their height and natural affinity for “puppies.” Just one snap of the jaws can cause serious damage to a child’s face or hands and leave that child fearful of all dogs. Compensation may be needed to cover reconstructive surgery or psychological counseling.

Bitten By A Dog In Livingston County?

John Harris is an experienced and respected attorney who knows how to secure a fair settlement for your injuries from an animal attack.
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