Truck Accidents

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Collisions Involving Commercial Vehicles

When a car and truck collide, the injuries are typically serious or catastrophic. To make matters worse, truck drivers, truck owners and their insurers may deny or downplay responsibility, leaving victims to cope with physical hardships and financial burdens.
These are complex and high-stakes cases that demand thorough and aggressive legal representation. The personal injury lawyers of the Law Offices of Harris & Literski have the resources to conduct a sophisticated investigation and the litigation experience to hold commercial entities and insurance companies accountable.
Our Brighton law firm handles semi accidents and other truck accidents in Livingston County and southeast Michigan, including accidents on Interstate 96 and U.S. Highway 23. Contact us immediately to protect your interests.

Uncovering The Cause Of Truck Accidents

By law, commercial vehicles are highly insured for bodily injury or fatality, but trucking companies, businesses and their insurance carriers are also well-represented. Our attorneys take action to preserve evidence such as driver’s logs, maintenance records and black box data that may be critical to your recovery of damages. We may use accident reconstruction specialists and professional investigators to prove that the truck driver was sleep-deprived, distracted, speeding or otherwise negligent or that the truck itself was overloaded or not road-worthy.
We pursue compensation for truck accidents involving:
  • Tractor-trailers (18-wheelers)
  • Freight trucks
  • Package trucks (UPS, FedEx)
  • Delivery vans
  • Construction vehicles
  • Utility company trucks
  • Trash and recycling trucks
  • Other commercial vehicles

Comprehensive Compensation

Truck accidents commonly cause major injuries such as broken bones, brain injury, loss of limb, spinal injuries and organ damage. Victims may be unable to work or permanently disabled or disfigured. They may need extensive rehab or personal care, as well as psychological counseling to deal with the trauma and the new realities.
We carefully detail the losses and future needs to make sure that clients are adequately compensated for medical care, lost income, pain and suffering, and diminished quality of life. Our goal is to help clients and their families achieve economic security and live as normal a life as possible after an accident.

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